De :    Berry, Che're [GRWAY:N237:EXCH] 
Envoyé :        jeudi 8 février 2001 22:55
À :     Nihouarn, Gilbert [QMPR:AN65:EXCH]
Objet : On behalf of Vernon Williams
Importance :    Haute

O.K (ma réponse)

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De :    Nihouarn, Gilbert [QMPR:AN65:EXCH] 
Envoyé :        vendredi 9 février 2001 12:32
À :     Berry, Che're [GRWAY:N237:EXCH]
Objet : RE: On behalf of Vernon Williams

Thank you for your message.
I have to answer about the 3 questions:
1- Yes this invention is used in products of the NORTEL group :
        At the Matra Nortel Communications company the Celesta 250 and the Amarys 275 & 285 analog phone products.
2- Not so easy question....
        I have to explain how this invention begun:
        Matra Nortel Communications started a new Integrated Circuit development (named Octel3) with a German Company named TEMIC Semiconductor, this company is now part of ATMEL. The IC jointly developped by Matra Nortel Communications and TEMIC Semiconductor was named U3900Bm and the patented part (named serial bus) was included for the first time in the circuit. The U3900BM in now an ATMEL product which is now sold in the whole world.The agreements between Matra Nortel Communications and Temic Semiconductor had envisaged the pooling of possible patents only within the framework of this development (and only for this development) .  Each company keeping the property of its own patents.

Thereafter I learned that TEMIC had used this patent in anotherdevelopment what contrary stay with our agreements.  This circuit is the U4091BM.  As the precedent it appears in catalogue ATMEL and is gift sold in the whole world.

You can see the ATMEL documentation on the web site: (>products >corded phones > high-end phones ICs )
I am unaware of if ATMEL has since fact of other development of circuit by using my patent.
3- This invention is a complement of the very popular I2C Bus developed by the PHILIPS company.  It makes it possible to accelerate the transfer times, main gap of this type of serial bus

It is all for today, do not hesitate to contact me if you wish complementary explanations.
[Nihouarn, Gilbert [QMPR:AN65:EXCH]] 



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